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our approach

Our methodology is customer-centric, designed to guarantee exhaustive market coverage and gain access to passive talent pools. Market mapping, investigative research, network building and headhunting allow us to represent the best quality talent in the market rather than rely on active, available talent.


• Take time to talk to all stakeholders in the process

• Understand the culture, environment, nuances, brief

• Work in a collaborative way for the benefit of all customers


• Proactive, responsive and agile, enabling customers to seize opportunities

• Use a search methodology for mid-senior level briefs

• Complete market coverage, active and passive


• Propose a solution which meets the brief

• Provide expert guidance throughout the process

• Add value with market insight and expert opinion


• Complete, meaningful feedback throughout for all customers

• Aftercare extends to onboarding and beyond

• We continue to engage as customers' careers and businesses growe