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Things may be changing, but it’s still happening slowly. How can your company ensure that the change happens quicker?

Here are 5 of our top tips to help you become a more diverse organisation:

1: Acknowledge the Work to be Done

In order to solve any problem, you first need to be honest and recognise that there is one. If you want to tackle the issue of diversity in your company, then you need to be willing to listen to what people need this to look like, and take the action so that you can make the real changes.

2: Change the Way You Hire

To stop the problem of lack of diversity in your company, it really makes sense to start as you mean to go on, and the best place to start with this is when hiring.

It’s important to recogise that even something as simple as writing your job ad could allow for unconscious bias to creep in, and also ensuring that you’re not just sticking to the same job boards all the time.

If you want people from more diverse backgrounds to apply, then you need to really take the time at the very beginning of the recruitment process to ensure that this is something you’re making as easy as possible for them to do.

3: Celebrate Differences

Companies in the UK typically recognise and celebrate the typical Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter. However, with a population as diverse as the UK’s, it’s really not enough to simply be only acknowledging these holidays when there are many others that people throughout your company will be celebrating at home.

Of course, it can become unsustainable to celebrate every single holiday around the world, but simply recognising them and arranging something within the company that acknowledges something from another culture is going to go a huge way to helping people feel included when they work for you.

4: Hire a Diversity Manager or Put Together a Diversity Team

You might not even have any idea where to start when it comes to building a more diverse workforce, and since more heads are often better than one, it could perhaps make more sense to bring in people more in the know about cultivating a diverse workforce than you.

This could be in the form of a diversity manager, or you could even go a step further and create a diversity team. Even better if your diversity team is made up of people from various backgrounds, as their perspectives will bring so much value to this.

5: Showcase Your Commitment to Diversity

Don’t be afraid to shout loudly about your efforts to building a more diverse culture within your company. It might seem uncomfortable to talk about the positive things you’re doing, but these are things that people want to know about and they will make a massive difference when it comes to hiring an attracting people from diverse backgrounds.

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