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Boston Hale has a series of specialisms across the business, grown through the acquisition of talented recruiters that specialise in diverse areas.

Two such areas that have started to cross over to better serve some of our clients are the Legal Business Operations team and our Technology division.

Over the last few years, Law Firms have seen more and more use of innovative technology to improve their use and provision of data, internally and for their clients.

And this isn’t just a lip-service approach to Technology, over the last couple of years the legal industry has seen Billions of £/$ of investment to improve efficiency and transparency of functions such as billings, pricing and matter management.

They are embracing modern, data-driven and automated approaches to previously labour-intensive processes in the name of increasing productivity, output and revenue. Everyone is seeing the benefit of the investments being made, and as a result, investment is continuing to grow.

Some interesting statistics pulled from the article below help to demonstrate this change:

  • The legal tech market revenue is expected to reach $25,17 billion by 2025. For comparison, this figure is $18,43 billion in 2021. 
  • 49% of law firms consider their tech set usage to be effective, plus 53% of attorneys in the US and Europe said their organizations are going to become even more tech-savvy in the next three years and use the legal tech expertise from the third-party. 
  • The legal technology already available may help with automating 23% of current work done by lawyers. 
  • Consumers are also ready to adopt legal tech innovations. As estimated by the research, 70% of customers might be willing to use legal online solutions and/or lawbots to solve their legal questions since this opportunity is cost and time-saving. 

The article, at the bottom of this page, goes on to give some interesting insight into the potential and benefits that technology investment can bring for the legal industry.

I am delighted to say Boston Hale has been involved in aiding several leading Firms’ on-going innovation by providing world-class candidates to take them to the next level.

This has ranged from partnering with Document Automation and NLP tech startups who are delivering some fantastic products to the legal industry, to working with several firms in their Innovation departments as they look to build Platforms as a service to their clients that consolidate document automation, Business Intelligence and Workflow management systems to give a smoother and more responsive service to their customers.

Due to Boston Hale’s previous experience as leading providers of top Data and technology professionals coupled with our expert knowledge of the legal industry’s more traditional departments such as Finance, Pricing and Procurement, we have been well placed to bridge the gap for our clients. Therefore Boston Hale can assist and guide firms on how they can grow their technology offering across their organisation with quick access to high-quality talent.

In my predictions for 2021, I wrote that Data would continue to be a key growth area and that businesses would be looking to automate as many processes as possible. The legal industry is really pushing the envelope on this, and it’s going to be a thrilling journey that Boston Hale is fortunate enough to partner on.

Legal Technology Consulting in 2021 - Market and Potential Benefits Overview

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