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To kick off our charity fundraising efforts this year, we held a charity Day mid-March in support of two charities chosen by our teams, Maggies and Wilson’s Wish.

Cash was raised throughout the day in a number of ways; we paid to dress down for the day, ran a bake sale and set up an in-office putting competition ahead of the main post-work event – the Boston Hale Charity Race Night!

For the uninitiated, a race night is a simple but fun event that brings out the competitive spirit in everyone, particularly our teams! It involves playing out old horse races and betting on the winner, with half of the proceeds going to the charities and half to those who backed the winner.

Our activities on the day helped us raise a total of £350 which was matched by the company to give an overall total of £700, shared between both charities.

This takes the total we’ve raised as a business for our charities so far to just over £2,000, we’re aiming to make it £3,000 before the year is out.


About Maggies

Maggie’s provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends, following the ideas about cancer care originally laid out by Maggie Keswick Jencks.

Built in the grounds of NHS cancer hospitals, Maggie’s Centres are places with professional staff on hand to offer the support people need.


Maggies logo






About Wilson’s Wish

Winston’s Wish was established by Julie Stokes OBE, a clinical psychologist, in 1992 to meet the needs of bereaved children and their families. The idea took root when Julie visited the US and Canada on a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship. Having been inspired by the services she saw there, Stokes returned to the UK and set up Winston’s Wish.

As the first charity to establish child bereavement support services in the UK, they continue to lead the way in providing specialist support services, including in-depth therapeutic help in individual, group and residential settings.

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