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Are you a skilled Data Analyst or a talented Data Engineer searching for your next career breakthrough?

Look no further! Boston Hale, the data and technology recruitment agency, specialises in connecting professionals like you with incredible opportunities in both the private and public sectors.

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Why Choose Boston Hale?


Empowering Your Career

At Boston Hale, we believe that technology, data, and digital skills are the driving forces of the future. We are committed to empowering your career by matching you with roles that align with your expertise and passion.

Unlock Growth Opportunities

In the ever-evolving data and technology industry, getting ahead in your career requires access to the right opportunities. Our impressive track record and extensive network enable us to find roles where you can continuously learn, develop your skills and make an impact.


Sector Diversity

Whether you prefer the dynamic private sector or the impactful public sector, we have a diverse range of opportunities tailored to your preferences and career goals.

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Why Boston Hale Stands Out


Expert Recruiters

Our team of expert recruiters understand the nuances of the data and technology domains. We'll work closely with you to identify roles that perfectly match your skillset and aspirations.


Contract and Permanent Roles

We offer a range of options, including contract roles for short-term projects and permanent positions for long-term career growth. You decide what suits you best, and we'll find the ideal fit.

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Explore Opportunities


Data Analyst Roles

Unleash your analytical prowess and make a tangible impact. We have a plethora of Data Analyst roles across various industries waiting for someone like you. From performance metrics to trend predictions, the opportunities are boundless.


Data Engineer Positions

Showcase your engineering brilliance by joining cutting-edge data projects. Boston Hale has exciting opportunities for skilled Data Engineers like you. With the focus on data integration, automation, and architecture design, you'll be at the forefront of innovative solutions.

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Take The Next Steps

Ready to take your data and technology career to new heights? Don't wait any longer! Complete this form and one of our expert Data Analyst and Data Engineer consultants will be in touch.

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