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After months of planning and hard work, I’m really proud to have finally launched my own recruitment business – Boston Hale.




This, my first ever blog post, will attempt to explain how I got here, and why I felt it was the right time.

Having worked in the industry for many years, with the last ten at Director and Board Director, the natural next step is to start your own business. More and more, I found that people were always asking me when I was going to go it alone.

The truth is, a lot of people dream of owning their own business and are quite happy to wax lyrical about it over a few beers. But taking the plunge is no easy matter.

It’s a big risk.

Especially when you have a family to support and a hefty mortgage to pay.

So why did I do it? There are 4 main reasons why:

1) To get back to basics and focus on what’s important.
I wanted to get back to the core principles of recruitment and focus on what’s important – delivery and service. I found that the more senior I became, the further removed I was from that. My time got sucked up with admin, internal politics and other things that aren’t really important at all.

2) Bring back some personality
I wanted to inject a bit of personality into the business. Recruitment is supposed to be all about people, and we need to make sure we don’t lose sight of that. It can be high pressure, demanding environment, but people respond much better to a human process. A bit of fun and enjoyment goes a long way.

3) Work with talented and inspirational people
Of course, I’ve worked with plenty of extremely good people in the past, but with Boston Hale, I wanted to break the mould. I’ve brought together some exceptionally talented managers who wanted to disrupt some of the older well-established companies. Their simple but expert approach is refreshing and inspirational and will have an instant impact on our clients and candidates

4) Get tech-savvy and bang up to date
There are many innovative tools on the market that can really help to streamline the recruitment process. Many companies are stuck with historical bureaucracy and lengthy processes. By using the latest technology and tools to help streamline the process, we will have more time to keep the face to face human interaction side of recruitment alive.   




 So, why now?

Well, a mixture of circumstances and ambition coming together at the right time!

I think with any start-up venture, there comes a point when you have the confidence, the experience, the backing and the contacts necessary to take that plunge.

I’m really excited that I have, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. I’ve never been more focused, worked so hard or felt so passionate about a business.

And I’m certain that I’ve done the right thing.


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