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Catherine’s story

With no prior experience in the industry, Catherine joined when Boston Hale was a young business, and has grown with us. Her desire to get on and work hard combined with our stellar training programme and mentoring from our Management team has proved a winning formula! Catherine has risen through the ranks to a Manager, running her own team within just 4 years.

Why she joined

Catherine had interviewed at several companies before deciding to join Boston Hale. Our culture, leadership, approach to business and the opportunities available were all factors in her decision to join. “I liked the approach. With Boston Hale, the emphasis is on relationship building and customer service. It’s a more honest and transparent way of doing things.” Catherine

Joining a growing business with ambition was the right mix for Catherine. She felt that there would be more opportunities to progress at pace versus some of the huge businesses she’d interviewed with. She also preferred the atmosphere and culture – yes, we have KPIs, but the emphasis is on empowerment and employee-driven career paths.

Why she stayed

Recruitment isn’t for everyone! It’s hard work and requires resilience, constant effort and positivity. When done well, the satisfaction makes it a truly rewarding career.

“The people side of the job is something I really enjoy. I get out and meet all sorts of people, and having worked in the charity and not-for-profit sectors, I can see the difference bringing on board the right people makes to these organisations. It’s a great feeling to be part of that.”

The chance to steer your own career and take ownership has made her journey an exciting – and rewarding – one. As a Manager with 4 years’ experience, Catherine is one of the bigger earners at Boston Hale, thanks to her own hard work resulting in promotions and our generous commission structure.

What’s next?

After a recent restructure, she now heads up all interim and contract hiring across our biggest practice, Accountancy & Finance.

She’s taken Boston Hale on the road to major industry events and plans to continue growing her team by consolidating the not for profit sector and expanding into other commercial industries.

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