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An understanding of the brief is critical

Background: The organisation wanted to hire a senior position to their Procurement department. The role had been briefed to four other rostered agencies, but the hiring manager had been disappointed with the results, which hadn’t matched the brief and showed a lack of understanding. She engaged with Boston Hale, having worked with our Head of Procurement previously.

Our approach: This was a new client, and it was a senior role of strategic importance to the brand. We spent time talking to HR and the Hiring Manager to fully understand the role, the business objectives, personality traits and organisational culture as part of our information gathering for the initial brief, as well as building relationships with all stakeholders.

What we did: A full search following the Boston Hale methodology was conducted, which included mapping the market starting with our own professional networks, headhunting, advertising and utilising digital search methods. 17 potential candidates were ‘long listed’ and a shortlist of four was presented to the business following a considered, thorough screening process and face to face meetings.

Results: All stakeholders were extremely impressed with the quality of the candidates presented. An offer was made and we continued to work with all parties to bring about a successful conclusion, including arranging further meetings and communication of travel dates just after start date so the candidate could plan her time. A year on from the initial hire, we have received fantastic feedback about the performance of the candidate, and from the candidate about her satisfaction with the role. Having exceeded expectations, she is going through a promotion process, and Boston Hale have been championed by HR for our performance, service and delivery, and nominated for a place on the PSL.

"From the outset, I felt that my requirement had been properly listened to. It wasn’t ‘here’s our stable of candidates for you to choose from’, it was a carefully thought through process which was tailored to the specificities and scope of the brief. I had complete confidence around the quality of the candidates, knowing that Boston Hale had spent time getting to know then before introducing them to me, and had carefully pre-selected them. I felt that I wasn’t weeding through irrelevant CVs, wasting time and effort."

Hiring Manager

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