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Supporting the careers of senior interims

Working with interims means developing close partnerships, keeping in regular contact and understanding what they are looking for in a contract.

We keep active behind the scenes to make sure that time between contracts is minimised, finding new opportunities as contracts come to an end.

Many of our interims have been working with us for a number of years. One example is a senior Accountancy & Finance interim who has been working on back to back assignments through Boston Hale for many years.

Roles: Lead Business Partner, Year-End Accountant, Consolidation Analyst, Development Accountant

Clients: Disability charity, Automotive services provider, Housing Association

Benefits - interim:

  • Always paid on time, without fail
  • Consistent contacts – recognised, doesn’t have to re-explain his experience every time
  • Seamless transition from one contract to the next
  • A mix of exciting, challenging roles within different businesses

Benefits – hiring clients:

  • Able to hit the ground running
  • Proven with Boston Hale, guaranteed to deliver results
  • Versatile – a career interim with broad experience
  • Hassle free – administration and onboarding through Boston Hale

Exceeding customer expectations for ‘getting the job done’, our interim has consistently delivered projects on time and has proactively implemented improvements.
In his latest assignment he quickly became the ‘go to’ person for a number of key areas within the business and as a result has had his contract extended 3 times. He has had the opportunity to work on new projects, adding to his CV ready for the next assignment.

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