The culture of the company you work for has a huge impact on your career.   If the culture is wrong, your talent could be stifled rather than nurtured, slowing your progress rather than accelerating it.

We have worked hard to foster a culture conducive to bringing out the best in people. At its core is a firm belief in team work, and the benefits that working as a team bring to the company and the individual.

We work together to help our people take control of their own career, and even more importantly, to enjoy it.

  • Supportive, collaborative, encouraging. Your team will help you find solutions to problems, share knowledge and experience and share the load.
  • Innovative and creative. Great ideas are welcomed, shared and implemented.
  • Honest and open. Say what you need to without worrying about internal politics.
  • Hardworking. This is a challenging and demanding environment, but achieving results is extremely rewarding.

  • A sense of humour.  We all spend a lot of time at work, it’s essential that our teams enjoy it and have fun.
  • A mature attitude. Our people are encouraged to grow by taking ownership and responsibility.
  • Sharing success. We will always recognise and reward results, big or small.
  • The social side. It’s really important to get to know the team, and it’s not easy to do that without spending time together outside work.

“I interviewed with a number of big name brands before deciding to join Boston Hale. What I really like about this business is the camaraderie, the feeling that we are all in it together, everyone has a voice and everyone has an impact on the success of our business.”

Senior Consultant

Employee feedback

Rather than second guess what our employees think about working here, we ask them.  Feedback is actively sought in a number of ways, such as in one-to-one meetings, and every six months we run an anonymous employee survey.  

Our latest survey was run in April 2019, and here are some of the key findings:

100% of our people rated their job satisfaction as good or excellent.

Company ambition and vision, team spirit and colleague support and culture & office atmosphere were ranked highest by our employees.

When asked what they liked about working here, the most commonly used phrases were:  autonomy, support, culture, the people, the vision.

Suggestions and ideas from team members in previous surveys have been evaluated and where possible implemented.


One of the most important priorities here is to ensure that our employees feel valued, motivated and enjoy coming to work.  We want to make sure that everyone is able to shape the future of the business, and feel that sense of ownership and investment in what happens here.

What the team say:

“Across the board, the management is supportive and understanding, but also direct. This has helped my training and has shaped the way I deliver my own work.”

“It’s corporate without being ‘stuffy’, and I can speak to the managing director about anything.”

“I’ve been given the responsibility and autonomy to manage my clients and candidates the way I want to, within reason. I’m treated like an adult where my opinions and ideas matter.”

“It’s been awesome so far, and I’m looking forward to the future!  It’ll be good to see the teams and the business grow more and achieve all we want to achieve."

“I like the clear structure in career progression. It’s really fair and gives you a goal to work towards.”

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