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Chris Maddison

Head of Healthcare

Tel: +44 (0)20 3587 7903



Head of Healthcare practice.


Business development and strategy for the practice, as well as overseeing delivery and service across the healthcare practice.  Chris mentors, trains and develops a team of specialist recruiters, some of whom have prior experience working in the NHS.


Expansion of Boston Hale’s healthcare offer beyond just the NHS to private organsations and other government bodies.  Chris has been instrumental in ensuring Boston Hale's inclusion on Crown Commercial Services frameworks, and the growth of our NHS partner organisations. After many years of specialising in this area, Chris has an intricate knowledge of the complexities of the NHS and public sector, and their regulatory environment.

Values and drivers

Chris understands the importance of quality and value to healthcare customers.  He creates innovative solutions to help customers overcome constraints, and believes in establishing and nurturing long standing customer relationships, adding value over the long term.

Previous career

Joined Boston Hale in 2014 after 9 years of healthcare and public sector recruitment experience.