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With working from home and remotely becoming the new normal the video interview/meeting is now a daily event. We have made a list of our top tips to make your online meetings as stress-free and fluid as possible.


1.Internet access

Our home internet has never been relied upon as much as it has been recently, the last thing we need is our internet cutting out during important talking points as it can affect our flow of conversation or just generally look less professional. It’s easy to check your internet before a meeting and in the age of cheap data for our mobiles having a personal hotspot ready is never a bad idea.


2.Dress to impress

This may seem obvious as attending a meeting or interview in your pyjamas is never a good idea. But with so many of us working from home now many have adopted the smart top half and casual lower. Although this is undoubtable a comfier option many find that a full work dress from home creates a far better mind state and it becomes easier to focus and not get distracted.


3.Prep your documents

Treat any online meeting like a normal one you would have in the office. Always prep your documents beforehand and have them all open ready for when the meeting starts so you don’t waste time finding and opening documents during your meeting. 


4. Check your background

The last thing anyone wants to see during an important meeting or interview is a messy background. Some people have personal photos or just generally do not want to share their home especially if there if you are sharing space with your family. At this point all meeting services have a background changing option, so use it!


5. Eye contact

Many of us are not comfortable seeing ourselves especially during what can be nerve-racking. Yet we all end up staring at the little corner box with our own image instead of the person we are talking to. What we need to be doing is looking into our camera directly creating eye contact and then not worrying about what we are doing, hopefully, this then makes the meeting flow more effectively.

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