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Most of the time, we work with mid – senior level, experienced data professionals.

But, we are always on the look-out for promising, up and coming talent, ready to make the next move on their career journey.

Recently, we supported a Data Analyst who was looking to step up and was starting to apply for new roles.

Regardless of the amount of experience they have, an excellent candidate with a sought-after skill set that is in short supply, will always be of interest to employers.

And, this was the case with our candidate. He was interviewing for several roles, including one with a long-standing media client of ours.

Job hunting can be a daunting prospect. Juggling multiple recruitment processes is difficult, time consuming and often confusing. Working with an experienced recruitment consultant can provide much-needed support and encouragement.

I was looking for my next role, interviewing with a few companies, including the position through Boston Hale.
My consultant, was great! Transparent throughout and very quick to respond to questions, the whole process – three stages - was very quick and efficient.
She gave me lots of information about what the interviews would be like and set up a meeting for me to demo my work and prepare me for the final stage.

The candidate managed to secure several offers with several employers, including the Data Analyst role with our media client.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? But, at this early stage in a career, it’s often very difficult to decide which path to take.

You really need to talk to someone who knows how data careers progress, what employers look for, where opportunities are likely to develop in the future. There are lots of factors to consider, and objectivity is essential.

I ended up with a few offers and was struggling to decide which to take. My consultant was very sweet and considerate of my situation, offering advice about each role but not being pushy.

Although our Data Consultant was keen to help our client hire this promising Data Analyst, our approach is always to do what’s right for our candidates. Even if it meant the candidate choosing to accept a different position, her first priority was to ensure he opted for the best opportunity for his career.

After careful consideration, and with plenty of sound advice to guide him, he decided to accept a role with our client.

I have been in the role now for three months and am extremely happy. The people are really nice, my manager is amazing, it’s interesting work and the office is great! My Boston Hale consultant has kept in touch since to check in and see how I’m doing.
I was extremely happy with the process and feel I have made a good decision for my nextrole.

If you would like to speak to us about your career or how you can hire up and coming talent, get in touch.

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