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Creative thinking and flexible recruitment solutions

“Boston Hale's Recruitment Consultant is extremely flexible and goes out of her way to help. In the current climate where we have pressure on budgets, she has shown integrity, honesty and creativity to help me fill roles. She is willing to work on roles subject to restricted funding, sees these as a challenge and will never say never! She is proactive about changing the perspective or the brief to get the right person for the role. She’s very creative in thinking of solutions, a real problem solver.

She also knows so many good people in the market! For example, I was talking to her about a role before we even had a job description, a clear brief or a budget, and she immediately thought of and recommended someone whilst we were chatting. She instinctively knows what I want, is always matching and always knows someone; her network of contractors is of extremely high quality, and she knows them inside out.”

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