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With demand constantly growing, there’s never been a better time for a career as a digital marketing analyst. But what skills do you need to make yourself irresistible to employers? Read on to find out…

1. Analytical thinking

Evaluating marketing campaigns is one of the key parts of a digital marketing analyst’s job, so critical thinking, pattern-seeking, and assessing results are crucial. You’ll need to be able to turn data into actionable insights and explain how you reached your conclusions.

2. Excellent communication Skills

Presenting recommendations and reports to stakeholders is another important facet of a digital marketing analyst’s role. That means being able to translate jargon into understandable terms for lay people, to answer questions on the spot and to defend your conclusions with quantifiable data.

3. Number crunching

You’ll be spending a lot of time documenting campaign results, looking at figures, and doing the maths to determine things like cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, campaign ROI, and so on. Fluency with Microsoft Excel will be vital.

4. Marketing skills

Great data analysis skills won’t be enough without a sound understanding of the principles of marketing, such as market segmentation, customer acquisition and customer journey. However, you don’t need a marketing degree–you can get up to speed via online courses or bootcamps.

5. Digital marketing technology familiarity

As well as organic and paid search, you’ll need a good understanding of email, text and social media marketing, and how to use the most popular platforms, like Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and Mailchimp.

6. Exceptional organizational skills

You may be running and analysing several campaigns at once, and you’ll certainly have several projects on the go, so you’ll need the ability to keep all your plates spinning.

7. Detail-oriented

The marketing team will base their strategy on your insights, so you’ll need to double and triple-check your numbers to avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes.

8. Strategic approach

You’ll need to be a strategic thinker who’s focused on the big-picture goals and finding the optimal way to achieve them. The best digital marketing analysts are always optimising their campaigns and aren’t afraid to invest in experimenting or to cut their losses when necessary.

9. Eagerness to learn

The field of digital marketing is constantly evolving, so a thirst for learning is important to help you stay abreast of new technologies, programs and social media platforms.

10. Curiosity

A good digital marketing analyst constantly asks themself why they’re seeing particular results. What makes one campaign succeed and another fail. Curiosity and analytical thinking go hand in hand: curiosity makes you ask questions, and analytical skills help you answer them.

If you can develop these ten skills, you’ll be ready for success in your career as a digital marketing analyst. Take a look at all our latest analyst roles here.

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