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Over the next twelve months, Boston Hale will be raising money and awareness for Marie Curie.

With the current global pandemic, charities have been hit incredibly hard at a time when demand for their services has soared. The institute of fundraising has stated that  84% of charities reported a decrease or a significant decrease in their income, with 72% of charities noting an increase in their demand.

The pandemic has affected how we can raise money but now is the time to help out as much as we can.

Marie Curie is the UK’s leading end of life charity, providing frontline nursing and hospice care. We will be running marathons and having bake sales and many more activities over the next twelve months to do our part to help this amazing charity.

As a company, we have set a challenging target of raising £10,000. Marie Curie relies solely on donations to run their amazing operation across the country with it costing a massive £8,200 per day to run just one hospice.

At the beginning of 2020, I got first-hand knowledge of how amazing they are, as Marie Curie took care of my mum in her last few days.
I never knew such people existed in this world. The level of skill, compassion and care given by all of their staff in Edinburgh was and is beyond words.
They made my mum so comfortable, pain-free and even laugh. I will be eternally grateful to everyone at the Frogston Hospice, Edinburgh

To help and donate please go to our JustGiving page below:




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