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Many of our customers use the services of a recruitment consultancy in combination with internal hiring. Given the current market situation, they are being inundated with candidates for all positions and are struggling to get through a very high volume of applications.

Our Recruitment Process  is made up of several stages, and we are now working with customers to offer parts of the process as stand-alone services, in combination with other parts or as a complete package. In this way, we can help take the strain from your internal hiring team, freeing up their time to focus on the critical decisions. Here's how: 

Candidate attraction

  • Draft a full job specification for marketing your role
  • Advertise your role on high traffic job boards, social media and our websites 
  • Leverage our internal networks for referrals
  • Search online job boards for candidates that match your criteria 
  • Provide candidates from our internal database

Candidate pre-screening

  • We will screen each candidate against a set of criteria, e.g. skills, prior experience, qualifications, budget, location
  • Identify a subset of best-match candidates
  • Perform an initial telephone screening interview
  • Provide a shortlist
  • Feedback to all candidates, positive or negative

Interview Management 

  • Diary management and communication with all parties
  • Conduct initial interviews
  • Deliver feedback
  • Organisation of second stage interviews
  • Present at second/third stage interviews if required

Referencing, testing and compliance 

  • Carry out robust referencing
  • Conduct tests, such as numerical and verbal reasoning and psychometric tests 
  • Complete any necessary compliance checks, such as right to work, DBS, credit checks and qualification checks 

Offer management 

  • Draft and submit formal offer communication
  • Handle package negotiations
  • Provide guidance on market rates
  • Management of the resignation process 
  • Handle counter-offers
  • Support and communication to start-date
  • On-boarding support post-start date 

Market benchmarking

  • Market mapping 
  • Competitor research 
  • Salary & benefits benchmarking
  • Hiring trends and broader market analysis 



Pricing will be determined by the seniority of the role, the volume of applications or administration needed and how many of the services you require. If you decide to hand the whole recruitment process to us, this will always be the most cost-effective option.  

The current situation has been difficult for many of our customers. We're flexible in how we package, deliver and price these services to each customer's specific requirements to help through these uncertain times. 

Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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