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Many of our partners who are hiring internally have been struggling to manage their process effectively because of the pandemic. Furlough has left departments understaffed at the same time as applications have dramatically increased.

We have deconstructed our recruitment process into segments which we can deliver individually, or combined with another service, to help. Here’s how:


  1. Sourcing

With a database of pre-vetted candidates and proven contractors, we can provide candidates at the early stages of your recruitment process. A quick phone call to go through the job specification and requirements is all we need, and we’ll provide as many candidates as you want.

You can take it from there, or we can help with the next stage.


  1. Candidate qualification

If you have been overwhelmed with the response to your job, you may be struggling to read all the CVs, let alone decide which to keep & reject.

We can process all of your initial applications, extracting the most suitable.  Then, we’ll make sure each one is contacted, either with a rejection, acceptance or holding communication, before we hand over to you.

If we’ve helped with the sourcing, this process will be much quicker – we know our networks and have worked with them before.


  1. Interview management

Managing interviews with multiple stakeholders is always time consuming. Throw in the remote factor, and things can get even more complicated – technology has to be installed, connectivity is essential. Let us take care of diary management, communication and technology set up for you.

If you prefer, we can support your process, conducting first stage interviews, participating or observing on second and third stage interviews and delivering feedback.


  1. Testing and compliance

We have the systems in place to conduct multiple checks and tests on your behalf. From advanced DBS checks to right to work and robust referencing, if you don’t have time to perform your due diligence, we can assist.

You’ll find a more comprehensive list here, talk to us about more specific and niche compliance. There is nothing we can’t cover.


  1. Offer management

It’s often easier for an impartial ‘middle-man’ to deliver the offer, particularly for high level positions which may involve negotiation of the final package.

We have experience of delivering news, good and bad, in a professional and sensitive manner.  Feedback is crucial for successful candidates, and even more so for unsuccessful ones, particularly in the current climate.

Once the offer has been successful, we can maintain contact and start the onboarding process too.


  1. Market analysis and advice

Part and parcel of our complete recruitment process, we will offer market insight throughout. But, if you want something more comprehensive, we will provide detailed market mapping, competitor analysis and benchmarking reports. As experts in our markets, we are fully up to date on trends and movement, knowledge that we can share with you in line with data laws.

How it works

These are all parts of our full recruitment process that we can provide individually. Or we can deliver the whole package, just as we usually do.

Each brief is different, so pricing will be bespoke and will depend on the scale and timeframe of the work required. But the more segments you decide to take, the less each will cost. And of course, our full process will always be the most cost-effective solution.

For more information and an initial consultation, just give us a call.

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