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An unconventional route to recruitment

Finn’s story.

Whatever your background, whenever you start, if you have the right skills and attributes a recruitment career at Boston Hale is possible. As a musician, Finn has taken a very unusual route to recruitment! After forming a band at university, he spent the next ten years supporting his musical ambitions with a day-job in retail, quickly becoming the manager of a high-end clothes outlet. He made the move to London and to a job in the NHS, but wanted to progress his career away from the public sector. Friends recommended recruitment, and after meeting a few businesses, Finn started at Boston Hale in March 2019.

Why he joined

Finn interviewed with firms ranging from big, well established multi-nationals to small start-ups, but settled on Boston Hale as ‘a business that is established, but still growing with plenty of opportunities.’

He met with MD Graham and Manager Alex, who works predominantly with NHS organisations, at first stage, followed by further meetings with Chris, Head of Public Sector, other Managers and colleagues.

“They were easy-going and approachable, I liked their values, and I was especially interested in the NHS experience within the business. Their knowledge and networks within the NHS were impressive, they obviously knew a huge amount about how it works. The culture was right too, they didn’t sugar coat the hard work needed, but also talked about the support on offer and the social side of things.”

Experience so far

Boston Hale’s industry recognised intensive 10 week induction programme is designed to get new starters up and running as quickly as possible. A modular programme, it covers everything from how to use our systems to our vision and values as well as all stages in the Boston Hale recruitment process.

“The training was something that was particularly attractive to me, coming from highly experienced Directors and Learning & Development specialists. It provided a solid foundation which helped to increase my confidence and produce as good a start as possible.”

Within 2 months, Finn had made his first placement and had achieved promotion from Associate to Consultant in under 6 months – a Boston Hale record.

What’s next?

Finn has settled into life at Boston Hale extremely well. He’s taken part in our Annual Summer Social – rounders in Regents Park – and won a place on Dinner Club within his first 4 months, another Boston Hale record.

His hard work has paid off, he’s already built some exceptional relationships with customers in the NHS, helped in part by insight gained from the 18 months he spent in the organisation.

Finn is now working towards the next promotion – Senior Consultant – and has set himself the challenge of making this within 12 months of joining to set yet another record.

“I’m aiming to become a Manager in as short a space of time as possible. I wouldn’t want to give up the delivery side of things, so my choice would be a dual-role, like some of the other newer Managers within the business.”

So, after spending time hobnobbing with music industry people, what is the appeal of recruitment for Finn?

“It’s an exciting industry to work in! You get to meet people and talk to people all day. I thought I was a confident person, but my confidence has grown, and my earnings have grown, so my quality of life is better. And, I work with a great bunch of people, which makes it a pleasure to come to work every day.”

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