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When peoples values match our own

Tara’s story

Having joined Boston Hale as part of our May 2017 intake, Tara has rapidly progressed within the business, earning promotion to Senior Consultant within 18 months. Her positive outlook, easy-going personality and contribution to the social side of the business has made her a strong personality at Boston Hale.

When hiring for Boston Hale teams, we look primarily at values, attitude and cultural fit. We find people who we know have what it takes to succeed, then we provide the tools to help them. The combination of learning and training offered at induction stage is intense, as it’s intended to get people up and running as soon as possible. And, having made her first placement less than 2 months in, Tara is proof that it delivers. With an average placement each month afterwards, Tara went on to earn two promotions in 18 months, and is working her way towards the next step.

Why she joined

With no less than four offers from recruitment firms ranging from big multi-national brands to boutique niche agencies, Tara made the decision to join Boston Hale.

“The interview processes could not have been more different. I was actually made to feel very uncomfortable by two of the firms. Through the Boston Hale process, I met two of the leadership team and the final stage was a session with some of my peers and future colleagues. That’s what swung it – I instantly got on with them and knew I would enjoy working here.” Tara

Ambition and determination to succeed is paramount, but at the same time, we’re a values-driven business. We want to attract honest, dedicated people who can contribute to our culture and enhance it. Tara’s own ambitions and values very much align with Boston Hale. This came through from the start, and that’s why she joined.

Why she’s stayed

“It’s that sense of teamwork and support; working together to achieve the same goals rather than walking all over each other to get ahead.

Our learning and development programme has supported Tara throughout her Boston Hale career, and has helped her achieve the successes she has so far.

“The mix of group training, mentoring and 1 to 1 coaching is extremely good. Not all businesses of this size have a Head of Learning & Development whose sole responsibility it is to help us progress.” Tara

“I love the fast-paced work environment – it always keeps me on my toes, no two days are the same, there is always something to challenge.” Tara

What’s next?

Tara is now working towards her next promotion to Principal Consultant, and is thinking big beyond this.

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