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For some time now, the demand for Legal Pricing and LPM specialists has been high, and the talent pool has been limited.

Pressure on the candidate pool is increasing further as more AM 100/200 firms in the USA look to create or expand their client value teams. Whereas law firms were once fighting a handful of others for top talent, they are now competing with 150+.

The active candidate market is firmly in the driving seat as rival firms try and secure them, driving up salaries and forcing law firms to make compromises on culture fit or skill set.

So, what can you do to ensure you’re accessing the broadest and best candidate pool rather than just the best actively looking?

We can help.


Research backed deep dive

In the fight to get to candidates first, recruitment agencies will be going for the active market, trying to secure those easy-to-find, active candidates. And they’re right to do so – these people are in high demand, they have the skills and the experience required.

But, if you lose out, what next? How are you going to bring in the people you need?

Boston Hale will not only look at this active pool but will also uncover the hidden gems in the market, the unseen people with that something extra. Because we will dig deeper.

We will look at the brief from a different perspective, identifying who’s who in the market through headhunting, and finding new candidate pools.

We’ll look at people who on the surface may appear initially too junior, too far away, too left field and thus be discounted from a standard contingency process. We will consult with you to find ways to open this talent pool up.

A creative approach

We’ll look at each criteria of your brief and challenge it. Why do you need it? Where else can you get it? Is this really a valid constraint? Using a creative, intelligent approach, we will investigate options such as:


  • Expand the search geographically. Yes, your role may be in the head office, but is there really a need to be there day in, day out? The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the remote working trend, can you extend it here? A flexible, remote based position allows you to tap into a candidate market further afield to neighbouring states, across the entire USA or internationally.
    We can engage with talent pools in any location.


  • Hire for culture rather than skills. Cultural and soft skills are essential for high profile pricing, LPM and client value positions where management of multiple, difficult stakeholders is key. Move outside your comfort zone and hire someone who doesn’t tick all the boxes. Find someone who is an exact cultural match and has the ability to learn the skills needed.
    Our processes identify the mindset, motivators and personal attributes required.


  • Identify the up and coming tier, the accountants, lawyers and analysts who are primed to make their mark and hungry for a change. At the other end of the spectrum, we won’t dismiss the ‘overqualified’ candidate market where people may be looking for a lifestyle change.
    We will always look above and below your chosen tier to find untapped talent pools of up and coming or step-down candidates


  • Consult with and encourage clients to be flexible! Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the list of ‘essential criteria’ on the job spec is too long, and the perfect candidate is impossible to find.
    We’ll help you to work through the alternatives and come up with a solution that works.

Search versus contingent

Exploring all of these options takes a lot of time. It requires lengthy research and the application of a carefully crafted strategy.

A dedicated, exclusive search will provide clients with market mapping, comprehensive analysis of the overall talent pool, benchmarking and the exploration of passive, alternative talent pools. 

The emphasis shifts from speed of delivery to quality of candidates. Rather than entering into a bidding war for an obvious, active candidate pool, you’ll be presented with excellent, high-calibre candidates who others cannot find.

Boston Hale continually monitors the market, identifying new talent pools, building international networks and analysing demand trends – globally.

Talk to us about your client value teams, legal pricing and LPM requirements and see how we can help. Simons details


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