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Learning, networking and time to think; our time at the P3 Practice Innovation Conference in Chicago

Building a strong network is essential in recruitment. And networking was the key objective of our visit last week to the P3 Conference in Chicago. MD Graham and Principal Consultant Luc travelled over to the conference run by the LMA, one of the flagship events for leaders of law firms looking for content around strategy, trends and new technology.

The event itself was incredibly well run, with an app that allowed the audience to interact during sessions. Facilitation of networking was excellent and much more natural versus the more forced situations contrived at other events. The delegate list was first class, resulting in several meaningful introductions with future customers on both sides of the recruitment process.

A packed agenda of content was delivered through a variety of sessions, furthering our understanding of the latest thinking on pricing strategy, operational efficiency and how processes within the US market differ from the UK.

We came away after the 3 days with greater knowledge about the market, a wider network of influential existing and potential new customers and even some new ideas to apply within our own business.

Taking time out of the usual schedule to attend events like this is incredibly beneficial to businesses of all types. Networking and social aspect aside, it’s important to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and keep learning.

Thanks to everyone who organised this fantastic event at the LMA, and to the city of Chicago for a fascinating and insightful time.

See you next year!


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