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Having worked in the Directs Procurement space across Germany and Europe for some time, it’s clear that we are now entering one of the most unpredictable staffing markets in recent memory.

On the one hand, across electronics, the market is incredibly candidate driven, with skills shortages across the board.  On the other, a steady flow of M&A activity has kept people moving around, and customers are taking a lean approach to staffing.
One thing is for sure: 2020 will be an interesting year. 

Electric car boost

As the climate change agenda and German economic and social pressures increase the demand for electric cars, the need for specialist electronic buyers is rising fast.  The predicted rapid growth in this new area means that demand for candidates with experience in this niche area will far outstrip supply.  

However, all is not lost.  If organisations are prepared to train and develop purchasing talent from similar sectors, such as engineering, mechanical and chemical purchasing, a vast untapped talent pool could open up.  A good buyer will have the purchasing skill set already; they will just need to supplement this with the technical nuances of the market.

Talent attraction
Across the German engineering and manufacturing sectors, the rise in operational excellence and lean methodologies is resulting in a movement moving towards the adoption of a ‘lean workforce’.  This, combined with lots of M&A activity, means we are seeing some excellent buyers, category managers and Directors coming to market. 

Companies are reacting to the market in two very different ways, with some paying way over the odds to secure quality electronics buyers and others reducing, or at least freezing, salary levels.  My advice to the latter is to emphasise positive employer brand messages, benefits, rewards and learning & development investment, which for many candidates, will balance out the lack of salary increase.

Candidate pool
Against this backdrop, I am working to increase our network in these areas, sourcing talented, niche procurement specialists across the region.  This ‘bank’ of talent is ready to deploy for customers as needs arise

If you want to join this network and learn about new opportunities as they come up, or if you have vacancies to fill, contact me or take a look at the vacancies we are working on here

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