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Google Analytics has become a staple of understanding customers over the past few years. Thousands of companies across many industries rely on this as a key tool in understanding their brand and how it is perceived by those who engage with it. With so many businesses now focusing almost completely online due to the pandemic, it really makes every penny count, so with the new Google Analytics on its way, this must have been a trepidatious time as Google headed towards its release.

Luckily, users are finding it mostly positive so far, it would seem. Google has included a range of new features, arguably the most exciting being the use of machine learning. With more and more companies using data science and machine learning in their day-to-day, this helps make it more accessible, bridging the gap between insight and data science faster than ever.

Other positives include, easier relationships with GDPR as the machine learning aspect means they can use cookies less in some areas, whilst still respecting data privacy, creating greater relationships with their audience. Google also states that it will be easier to link people’s trends between different devices and the relationship there, where in the past it has been difficult to link between mobile applications and web browsers, a huge drawback of the application in the past!

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