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One of the biggest events in the calendar for Legal Pricing Professionals is the Practice Innovation Conference, put on by the LMA.

Taking place in Chicago from 14 – 16 May, it offers delegates an opportunity to build their knowledge and learn from experts on a range of topics relating to Legal Pricing, including data and research, measuring value and project and programme management.

Having hired into the discipline for the past few years, we are now viewed as one of the leading recruitment and search consultancies working across the global market place. The conference schedule is full, informative and exciting, and presents us with a fantastic opportunity to build on our existing knowledge and experience.

Whether we are already on your radar or not, we’ll be hoping to network with as many Legal Pricing professionals as possible during the conference.

If you’re going, please reach out to us, we’ll be there for the duration and happy to meet for coffee at a time that suits.

We are looking forward to an educational and inspirational few days in the windy city, and to meeting you there!


Contact Luc Baldwin or Graham Hale to arrange a meeting, or message us via LinkedIn during the conference.

We will be in Chicago from the morning of the 14th through to the evening of the 16th May 2018.

Visit the LMA’s website for more information about the conference, and to register.



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