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Legal Project Management was once viewed by many as nothing more than over-exaggerated finance reporting. Fast forward a few years, and the importance of LPM is finally being noticed, with companies now recognising the role it plays in leadership, risk management and efficiency. This growing understanding of LPM’s value comes from a need for law firms across the UK to effectively do more for less.

“In-house legal departments are under pressure from CEOs and CFOs to reduce their internal headcount, to spend less on law firms, and yet they have more legal and compliance work than ever before. So, these clients need more legal service at less cost and this challenge will define the next 10 years of the legal industry.” Professor Richard Susskind, OBE FRSE

With the future of LPM having been established, firms have seen a greater need for quality LPM professionals and an expansion of the role itself. Our very own Luc Baldwin, Principal Consultant at Boston Hale, decided to take a closer look at this, and had the pleasure of sitting down with Kevin O’Sullivan, Head of LPM at Baker McKenzie, to discuss such topics as:


  • How has LPM changed
  • The connection between LPM and Legal Process Management & Pricing
  • The team structures behind LPM development
  • Technology in the legal space


Having the opportunity to film a focus piece on such an intrinsic part of the legal sector was fantastic, and we are excited to share the footage with you. We hope you will get in touch with any questions or comments.

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