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One of our favourite things here at Boston Hale is seeing our employees rise through the ranks of recruitment. We are very proud of our progression structure and our Learning & Development training that we offer to all of our employees, old or new. Therefore, it is with great pride that we announce our latest addition to the management team, Luc Baldwin, who is now manager of our Legal Business Services area.

Luc joined Boston Hale with some recruitment experience under his belt, but a strong desire to do more, to further his career and to carve out his own path. After meeting with Simon and Graham to talk about opportunities at Boston Hale, he knew he had found what he was looking for.

“Straight away, I got on with them really well. The interviews were very informal, but the caliber of Simon and Graham, their experience and how they could support my career was evident from the start.”

Boston Hale provided Luc with the level of responsibility and ownership he was looking for. He had the freedom and scope to come up with and implement new ideas; the ability to decide his own strategy for winning and delivering business.

“I’ve been given the opportunity, and budget, to try new things. The culture is very supportive, and as long as you have sound reasons for change, you’ll have the freedom to implement it.”

It can’t be denied that Luc has truly transformed his sector, and having him as part of the management team will be an incredible step forward for Boston Hale as a whole. Congratulations Luc, and a massive thank you for all your hard work so far – bring on 2019!

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