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This year I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to return to the LMA P3 Conference in Chicago. Held in the Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, the 3 days were packed with thought-provoking pricing, LPM, strategy and legal tech seminars.

It was great to see some old faces but also many new! The attendee count surpassed the 400 mark this year which was certainly a milestone for the LMA. Having more people come together means that there is a greater level of diversity present and more people to engage and learn from.

It was very interesting to hear how forward-thinking firms have discovered that adding modern technology to the mix, including AI, predictive modelling, and other data sciences, can result in impactful benefits for their people, profits, process, and data. It was also abundantly clear that client/firm relationships have become more productive over the last few years across the board but there will always be room for improvement.

I have always been very impressed with how smoothly the conference runs. As a recruiter, it is important for me to increase my technical knowledge of different disciplines, as well as build relationships with existing and future customers. The P3 allows me to do both in a relaxed and flexible environment. Networking isn’t forced upon you, you have the freedom to manage your own schedule and target specific sessions to focus your learning. It was a fantastic experience from end-to-end and I am looking forward to next year already.


Luc Baldwin

Manager of Legal Business Services


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